Biopharma Portal

Pharma3d is a biopharma knowledge-base platform for industry experts to find, share and collaborate on topics ranging from drugs, industry news, events to journals and publications.

How we came together

Our client approached us with a problem in the biopharma industry. Industry-experts were wasting a lot of their with Google searches and spreadsheets. They wanted to create something that would produce more output for their efforts and thus help close more deals.

Scope of Work

  • Branding
  • UI/UX design
  • Web Development

The Brief

Black Dove was tasked with the branding, as well as design and development of the web-portal for Pharma 3D. The challenge was to create a platform that was based on three key-concepts - Educate, Implement and Collaborate. The platform should serve as a knowledge base for the community with sharing of best-practices, resources, templates, provide updates on the industry’s latest developments and also allow user to connect and engage with each other.


We started with an initial understanding of the project and the brief. After defining what problems we needed to address, we had an idea of what the product should look like. After few sessions of ideating and wireframing, we pitched with the first version of our design which was similar to reddit with boards and discussion groups to aid collaboration. But upon further discussion with the client, we decided that a website-like approach would be more appropriate for the industry.

Thus we went back to the drawing board with a clearer vision for the product. After several iterations and meetings with the client, we finished a version of the the website with the key features being shared resources, events and blogs.

We were also able to design a logo for the brand that incorporated the client’s vision. The three interconnected dots in different colors representing the three pillars - Educate, Implement and Collaborate. We were able to bring the same theme onto the website.

What we Delivered

Pharma3D needed to appeal to industry-experts that are all about looking at stats and numbers. This meant the site needed to function well to speed up their workflow in finding best practices, up-to-date resources and latest-industry trends.

Branding and Brand Guidelines

Our clients vision of the three key pillars were the story behind the interconnected dots in the logo. Since the client planned to handle marketing and updating the site themselves, we delivered a brand guide to help keep their brand consitent across multiple platforms.

Website UI/UX Design

We delivered high fidelity designs of the Homepage, Blog, Resources, Events and several other pages that were key to the brief of the project.

Web Development

Our developers took thre high-fidelity design and built into a fully functional website with ability to manage posts, resources and content on the site.

The end product allowed industry experts to find best-practices, resources, news and content they'd normally spend hours searching on the web. We made sure our final product delivered a user experience that would speed up their workflow so they could dedicate more time to things that mattered.

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